EZY Truck system designs for Truck seller company in order to boost up sell performance while manage the operation to satisfy tons of customer.

EZY Truck system able to manage operation from Suppliers to Customers. Even your business assembly your own truck or import truck to sale. The system will help you to track the progress in every step such as spare part inventory, order pending of imported truck,  import document  status. Moreover, system especially design for after sale service, claim system, to satisfy ton of customers !

Supplier to Customer Management
Truck quotation to customers
Spare part ordering information
Truck ordering information
Truck import document
Fit with your business
Nobel’s consultant team will work with your
requirement and suggest the better way of working
EZY Truck is customize for your busines
Claim Service Management
-Database of every truck and customer
-Warranty information and claim historical
-Reminder of task pending to customers
Financial Management
-No more over / under price charge to customer
-EZY truck provides you the visibility of your
business cost that enable you to control
all the approval process
Powerful Management Report
-Truck Order Pending
-Spare part Inventory
-Claim status
Real Time Notify
-Take a control in every step of process
from Management point of view
-EZY Truck provides controllable
of your business on your mobile

Cloud Web Service
-Worry free about data loss.
EZY truck designs on cloud
server which enable you the
real time data update from many
source and many location

Professional Service
Nobel’s center service provides
you real time contact to Nobel’s
professional team via various
channel, Mail, Website, Call