VIEWMS – Warehouse Management System for today

warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System at your Click.

VIEWms(Visible Inventory & Efficient Warehouse Management System)   is a Warehouse Management System that enable you to control the stock accuracy, stock movement, storage capacity of materials in your warehouse, and more.

A warehouse management system, or WMS , is a key part of the supply chain and primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and  process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, put away and picking.The system also direct  and optimize status of bin utilization.

Warehouse management systems often utilize Auto ID data Capture (AIDC) technology, such as barcode scanners, mobile computers, wireless LANs and Potentially Radio-frequency identification (RFID) to efficiently monitor the flow of products. Once data  has been collected, there is either a batch synchronization with, or a real-time wireless transmission to acentral database can then provide useful reports about the status.

Inventory Accuracy
– Barcode tracking system
– Check in and Check out 100%
– Notify when picking wrong goods
– Easy to reconcile !

Fit with your business
– Nobel’s consultant team will work with your requirement & suggest the better way of working
– VIEWms is customize for your business!

Control of Stock Movement
– Suggest best location to storage
– First in First out (FIFO),First Expired First Out (FEFO),etc
– Support Physical stock count
– Easy VIEW where is your goods !

Financial Wise
– Avoid negative financial due to stock aging & loss
– Minimize pay, Maximize efficiency
– VIEWms is affordable !

Warehouse Utilization
– Manage your warehouse space efficiently
– Visible strategic plan for your warehouse
– VIEWms knows your space !

Inventory Accuracy
– Warehouse Explorer
– Real time inventory status
– High contribution goods (ABC class)
– Worker capability

User Friendly
– Nice user interface
– VIEWms designs for warehouse staff and Thai user

System integration
-Nobel’s development team
has an expertise to integrate
VIEWms with your system e.g. EXPRESS
-VIEWS able to link with your ERP

Hardware Solution
-Nobel’s development team
has an expertise to integrate
VIEWms with your system e.g. EXPRESS
-VIEWS able to link with your ERP !

Professional Service
-VIEWms able to operate with various hardware
-Windows Mobile, Android, Linux
-Barcode printer, Barcode scanner
-Nobel contacts directly with
handheld manufacturer